1. How can I get a copy of your cartoons?
Email me and I will send high resolution cartoons via email. I hope to organise pay pal, an online buying system, soon. Many of my cartoons are available as cards, T-Shirts or prints through RedBubble.  Visit my page on RedBubble by searching for Pauline O’Brien or by clicking here www.redbubble.com

2. How much are your cartoons?
It depends on how much work is involved and what they will be used for but when the copyright remains with me generally between $40-$80.Greeting cards cost between $2-50 and $4.00 and t-shirts around $25.

3. I’d like one of your cartoons but can’t afford to pay, can I use them for free?
If the cartoon is published online feel free to share it. If you would like to publish it drop me a line. I love knowing where my cartoons end up. Please make a donation via my donate button (on the home page) if you make any money from it. All  donated money goes to  Medecins San Frontier-( Doctors Without Borders) because I know what it’s like to have Malaria in Africa but I was lucky enough to have money to pay for treatment.

4. Do you do commissioned work?
Yes. I’ve done work for editorials, websites and presentations. I may have a cartoon on the topic you require or I can draw one up for your specific needs. Email me with specific requests.

5. Can I buy exclusive rights to a cartoon?
Possibly, probably if it’s commissioned work. Let me know what you want, what you want it for (eg editorial, commercial or private use ) and I’ll work out a price but it’s much cheaper for you if the copy right remains with me.

6. Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere. If I tell my friends about a funny incident that happened to me or my children and they laugh, it usually finds its way into a cartoon. Things I read inspire me, people I meet, places I go, other cartoonists, my family, other people’s families. I try to look at things differently and think what if…… I’ve also been known to exaggerate!

7. Are your cartoons hand drawn?
Yes they are all hand drawn in pencil first. Then I use pen and ink or colour them on the computer.

8. Do you have any tips for aspiring Cartoonists?
Draw, draw, draw.

Practise, practise practise.

Think about what makes you laugh.

Notice what others are laughing at.

Do cartoons about what you know.

Look at other cartoonists, look at other artists and read a lot.

Don’t give up your day job if you want to eat or pay for expenses.


Have fun and laugh a lot- even if you don’t make a lot of money it’s good for the soul.

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