About Me

About Me

I studied art in the early eighties at teachers college in South Australia. I worked in welfare and education and then took off to see the world. I saw ancient art in Asia and South America, primitive art in Africa and the great masters in Europe. I taught art in America and sold my own art work at the markets in London.

In an attempt to stave off the post travel blues I joined a writing group in Adelaide in the early nineties. The more children I had the shorter my writing pieces became until I realized 1-2 lines (and sometimes none at all) was the perfect length for me. My family is pretty funny (whose family isn’t?) so a lot of my cartoons depict the humour associated with children and family life.

Previously I have had work published in The Advertiser, Parent Magazine and Kids in Adelaide. I have completed commissioned work for flyers, power point displays and websites. My work can be found on sites such as Parenting Express.Com. I was the regular cartoonist for the Marion City Limits magazine for 5 years and the regular cartoonist for SA50+ for 4 years. My work has been exhibited at Marion Cultural Centre and Noarlunga Arts Centre. My latest collection was exhibited at The Karpandi Arts Centre as part of The South Australian Living Arts Festival. My cartoon app will be released soon.

I love the immediacy of cartoons and the fusion of words and drawing. But most of all I think cartoons should be fun and as my Irish grandmother used to say Laughter is the music of the soul. I hope my cartoons make you laugh.

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2 responses to “About Me

  1. Penny Wright ⋅

    Great website, girl! Your computer consultant did a good job. Love your work…

  2. Shez

    Thanks for liking my post. I did not like the boot at all. Still not loving it. Thought I’d drop in on you today. What a day brightener. Your cartoons and humor are great!! 😀 Lvoing it for sure and you passed by me, you actually sell your work. Awesome!!

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