Duck duck goose

My latest cartoon is now available on T-shirts and cards, stickers, pullovers and even bags and cushion covers. Press the link below to find it in my redbubble shop.

Cartoons and corona

Finally another post on WordPress. I’ve been getting back into cartoons again. Yay ! I love cartoons and think smiling and laughing is so important – more of it I say😀

Of course Rona has been £u($:4g €*>6//$!! Thought I couldn’t ignore it so here’s my first cartoon in a while.

Knock Knock


I wanted to stop salespeople knocking on my door but I didn’t want to be negative. I certainly didn’t want to be unkind,  just not that kind of person, after all sales people are only doing their job. I know how they feel, when I was a student I was one of those door knockers. So this sticker is designed to make everyone smile, while still letting the door knockers know you are a kind, uninterested person with a sense of humour.

knock knock sticker 4

Buy it for your door here for $2.30 per sticker plus postage.